ContentWRX measures content effectiveness in three ways, from broad to more specific: 

ContentWRX Score - Each ContentWRX evaluation presents an overall score that you can use to evaluate your current level of content effectiveness. This can be assessed over time or against industry benchmarks. ContentWRX scores are generated from a mix of user perceptions of six dimensions of content effectiveness (discovery, accuracy, polish, relevance, usefulness, influence) and website analytics (time on page, pages per visit, etc). In general, the more positive the responses to each dimension, the higher the score.

Analytics - Combining website analytics (time on page, pages per visit, etc), including microengagements, and natural language analysis, ContentWRX provides a view of the impact content has on user behavior and sentiment. 

Voice of Customer Feedback  - At the most specific level of analysis, you’ll gain insights into customer perceptions of the six dimensions of content effectiveness through the Voice of Customer evaluation. By selecting an evaluation type that most closely fits the purpose of your content (such as sales, service, support, or expertise), this is an opportunity to go beyond just understanding satisfaction and get to the core of where your content issues and opportunities lie.