The patented ContentWRX system offers unique features that take the hassle out of understanding and predicting content effectiveness, connecting content to results or outcomes. 

ContentWRX enables you to collect, analyze, interpret and ultimately act on data, by analyzing and generating a content score for websites, and providing custom content recommendations and guidance. You can track changes or progress over time. 

ContentWRX applies an algorithm to your survey and analytics data to generate a ContentWRX effectiveness score. It also compares your score to industry benchmarks (based on Content Science research-driven best practices) so you can see how your content stacks up against the best in class.

ContentWRX assesses content in light of its purpose through goal-based evaluations, whether that's sales, service, support, expertise, branding, recruiting, or PR. You can also see how content stacks up against industry benchmarks.  

Microengagement analytics enable you to drill down into interactions with your content assets, identifying how they scroll, pause, and click. Insights are available at section, page, component, and mobile app levels.

Breakdown scoring by device (mobile handheld, mobile tablet, or desktop/laptop computer) or by custom user segments offer deeper levels of insight. 

Download raw data to integrate with your other data sources/analyses, or create reports to showcase success or make the case for changes.

ContentWRX then helps you act on your results through custom recommendations, offering supporting research, and curating good content examples. Recommendations are dynamic based on your score and survey results. We update our research and examples annually, saving you or your team hours and hours of work.

Other features include:

  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • Flexible user interface options
  • Natural language + sentiment analysis
  • API + data connectors 

ContentWRX can demonstrate how making changes to your content will impact effectiveness—before you commit to fully creating and publishing that content.